KEEO® is an innovative keyholder with a patented mechanism – the „One-Button-Control“. One push of a button ... and your key snaps out. Its design ensures a precise functioning as well as a great look and feel. Modern energy-saving Bluetooth® Smart technology connects it to your iOS- and Android-Smartphone preventing the loss of your Mobile and your KEEO®. It is 100% engineered and made in Germany.

  • Cult of Mac "KEEO Is The Best Key Holder Ever: It Even Talks To Your iPhone. (...) The KEEO also has a Bluetooth radio inside. This pairs with an iPhone app to sound an alert on both if they get more than twenty meters."
  • Gadget Review "KEEO Is The World’s First Keyholder That’s Best Friends With Your Smartphone."
  • TechMash "KEEO organises your keys into a pen knife like holder, as well as offering the added benefit of if they are lost being tracked down with your Smartphone."
  • The Gadgeteer "When the KEEO and your phone are separated it will alert you. It will also display the surrounding temperature which KEEO is constantly measuring for you."
  • Neuerdings "Keeo sieht aus wie ein Schweizer Taschenmesser, in dessen Gehäuse statt Messern die Schlüssel aufbewahrt und per Knopfdruck ausgeklappt werden."
  • Basic Thinking "Wenn man KEEO und sein Smartphone in der gleichen Hosentasche verstaut – so wird das Display auf jeden Fall nicht verkratzt."
  • Smart Droid "Via App für Android und iOS läßt sich auf Wunsch euer Schlüssel orten, wenn ihr ihn mal verlegt habt. Mit einer Reichweite von ca. 20 Metern lässt sich KEEO schnell wiederfinden"

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modern light-weight materials with a great look and feel

this patented mechanism lets you choose any of the keys with a push of a button

attach your keys to KEEO® without post-processing or truncation of the keys

for an intelligent and energy-saving communication between KEEO® and your iOS or Android App

App connected
a free KEEO® app, enabling your cell phone to establish the connection to KEEO®

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  • keeo keyholder colors
  • keeo keyholder features

One push of a button... and your key snaps out.


Our first passion for KEEO® awoke in 2010. Back then we thought that key holders actually look pretty ugly, and still think so today. Also, they pinch into your leg and wear out the pockets of your pants. This is why we wanted to re-think our use of "keys'.

We found that they not only deserve a more attractive appearance, but something worth their importance. Something that feels great in our hands and never gets lost. And finally, here it is: KEEO®. 100% engineered and made in Germany. You want to learn more?

We`re happy to introduce KEEO now.

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Selected Clippings

Cult of Mac, USA
CrazyCoolGadgets, USA
GadgetReview, USA
Techmash, UK
IphoneClib, NL
The Gadgeteer, USA
That Should Be Mine, USA
Geeky Gadgets, UK
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What is the surface of KEEO made of?
The housing of KEEO is a made of CARBON.

How many keys fit into my KEEO?
As much as you can carry. Three inside the housing and an unlimited number on the outside loop of KEEO®.

Which keys does KEEO actually hold?
The premise is the typical hole in the middle. The maximum length of the key is 2.56 inches and the maximum width 0.16 inches. (see picture)

Can I attach my car key somewhere?
Yes, there is sufficient space at the outside loop.

What can I use the Smartphone App for?
With the iOS- or Android App you are able to locate your KEEO® via Bluetooth® Smart. Furthermore, it will display the surrounding temperature which KEEO is measuring for you.

What is the range of KEEO Bluetooth® Smart?
Approximately 100 feet or about 30 meters. Inside this fence you can not lose your smartphone or KEEO without getting alarmed.

What is the lifespan of the battery?
The inventor of the Bluetooth® Smart technology – Texas Instruments – claims that the battery lasts up to 2 years, depending on the frequency of the use. Afterwards it will need replacement. Naturally, searching KEEO® on a regular or even daily basis will shorten its lifetime.

What kind of battery does KEEO use?
KEEO uses a common coin cell.

Where can I order my KEEO?
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